Is it safe to mix Xylitol and the HCG Diet?

Xylitol is a natural sweetener made by birch trees. While on the HCG diet, Xylitol can be consumed in very small doses such as in gum or mints approved for the diet. A question many dieters ask is whether Xylitol and HCG is a good combination. It’s our opinion that using Xylitol as a coffee sweetener or food additive will one decline your weight loss efforts.

The one approved sweetener for the HCG diet is Stevia. The foods approved for the HCG diet including additives and flavor enhancers are very strict. The items have been studied in depth and you cannot add anything that is not allowed.

The restricted portion of the diet is relatively short and you should not take any chances just because of a simple craving. This is also the only time on the diet that you can lose weight so you should try to get the most out of it by eating and drinking the correct foods.

Alterations and additions should be avoided in order to lose the most amount of weight so you can reach your goals and feel healthier.

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Author: Abigail

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