Who are Dr. Simeons and Mr. Kevin Trudeau From The HCG Diet?

Once something or someone becomes famous there is always controversy. Some of it is warranted, other times it seems as if heavy judgments are made because people are public figures. This type of publicity and controversy follows the HCG weight loss program and one of its author’s Mr. Trudeau.

Kevin Trudeau - HCG DIETTo begin, Dr. Simeons’ created the HCG weight loss protocol to help people struggling with obesity. In his lifetime, he helped thousands of people. His program is controversial, because some in the medical community find a 500 calorie diet unhealthy. He and others who support his protocol have explained the HCG stimulates the hypothalamus. When this happens, 2000-3000 calories are released in the body. It encourages the body to move and burn abnormal fat from hard to lose areas.

This, however, is a sticking point, and the controversy is still raging on. However, there is also a controversy regarding Mr. Trudeau. He is not a doctor. He has taken Dr. Simeons’ research and other doctors’ work and created many HCG weight loss books. It is important to note that Mr. Trudeau does not claim to be a doctor. He acknowledges this openly. Some dieters find his books helpful, but others simply prefer the original protocol create by Dr. Simeons.

The real issue with Mr. Trudeau is that his reputation is getting mixed in with the effectiveness of his books. He books are helping people lose weight. And, Dr. Simeons was a medical professional trying to help suffering overweight people. The HCG weight loss program in the end is designed to do the same thing. After looking into some of the controversial points regarding HCG, they are easily explained and understood. There real news around HCG is that it works and dieters lose weight.

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Author: Abigail

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