What Makes the HCG Diet Different?

We know. This is diet plan number 15, right?  You’ve tried Weight Watchers, Slim Fast, Atkins, South Beach, celebrity weight loss plans, and many more. Yet, the results are the same. Minimal weight comes off and then it comes back with a vengeance.

Why do so many people have such success on the HCG diet? What makes this diet different?

To begin, critics would have dieters believe it is solely a result of the 500 calorie restricted diet. If this were the case, many dieters would fail, eating everything in site with a ravishing hunger, or they would experience the yo-yo results described above.

The HCG diet is different, because it is meant to be a lifestyle change. Weight loss is looked at from a different angel.

Dr. Simeons believes that people whow are overweight have a malfunctioning hypothalamus. He doesn’t believe that obesity is caused by dieters with no self-control who overeat all day long. He believes dieters have a disorder, and he has developed a process to treat the disorder.

Dr. Simeons combined as many healthy aspects into the diet as possible: naturally produced hormone HCG, specific foods, and defined phases.

Depending how much weight the dieter wants to lose in one round, will determine how long the plan is used. There are three plans based on desired weight loss:

  • 26-30 day plan for 20-30 pounds
  • 43-48 day plan for 25-35 pounds
  • and a 60-day plan for 40 pounds.

The real difference with the HCG Diet comes from the dieters. This diet is demanding! It requires research into what type of intake the dieter wants. It requires the dieter to commit and learn to cook a restricted 500 calorie menu during the VLCD phase. Because the dieters are so invested in every aspect of the plan, eventually they learn how to live healthier making this diet last a lifetime.

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Author: Abigail

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