What Happens When HCG Levels are Increased During a Diet?

The Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) levels are raised during the HCG diet plan. Dr. Simeons realized the benefit of this in the 1950s when he developed his HCG Weight Loss Protocol by observing the affects it had on women during pregnancy.

A pregnant woman has increased HCG during pregnancy to feed her baby and provide nutrition for herself. HCG is naturally produced during this time. It happens automatically and is critical during pregnancy that HCG levels are increased. Low HCG levels could actually lead to a miscarriage.

But increased HCG levels can also help dieters lose weight! Why? Because higher HCG levels stimulate the hypothalamus which in return signals the body to release calories and burn fat. This helps dieters gain nutrition, just as HCG works for pregnant women.

Male dieters may be concerned about elevating HCG in their bodies. Luckily men will not experience swelling of the breast or symptoms that can be associated with pregnancy by increasing their HCG levels during dieting. The level of HCG in a pregnant women’s body is much higher than a HCG dieter. And many dieting men may not realize, but HCG is naturally produced in both men and women. It often lays dormant until it is stimulated. Increasing HCG through injection or under the tongue will provide the stimulation. If any side-effects start to occur, men should check with their doctor.

There shouldn’t be any fears or worries about increasing HCG during the HCG diet. Once the dieter has a medical clearance, the increased HCG will help the dieter fight off feelings of hunger and provide them with more energy. It won’t be long before the dieter is slimmer, sleeping better, and feeling great.

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Author: Abigail

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