Does Thyroid Medication Have an Adverse Effect on Weight Loss with the HCG Diet?

If you are someone considering the HCG diet and are currently taking medication for an underactive or in-active thyroid than this is the article for you. Thousands of people struggling with losing weight with hypothyroidism are in the same boat.

The main cause of this disease is an iodine deficiency. The medication prescribed for thyroid disease is meant to combat this effect. The good news is that the HCG diet can essentially have the same effect as the medicine so the need to take it is not there.

In Dr. Simeons protocol he recommends that you discontinue any thyroid medication you are on for the duration of the diet. The meds may slow down weight loss and are unnecessary according to him. You should, of course, discuss your personal situation with your physician before making any decisions.

While the HCG diet plan is completely safe and extremely effective it is not the right choice for everyone. It does require a committed approach, the right mindset and proper timing. Good Luck!

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Author: Abigail

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