Three Quick Weight Loss Diet Plans

If you are looking to lose weight quickly, you will find that there is no shortage on fad diets that will actually help you lose a few pounds in a very short time. The reality of such diets is, of course, that they are very hard to follow because if their food regimens.

You will also notice that hunger will be one of your constant companions. Preparing suggested meals may be expensive and time consuming. The more serious implications of these diets are that they can rob your body of necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The result is that you may have to pay a high price with your health.

The three following diets are much enhanced through the activity of inherent metabolic stimulants. Speeding up your metabolic activity increases the way your body changes chemical processes. It speeds up the use of energy in your body through normal physical action as well as mental activity.

Digestion, blood circulation and even the elimination of body wastes are affected by increased metabolic activity. No matter which diet you choose, you will notice results quickly and without suffering any negative issues with your health.

The HCG Diet

The HCG Diet is for the dieter who is extremely disciplined and wants, or needs, to drop fifteen to thirty pounds immediately. The average weight loss over one month is one pound per day. It is as focused on the area of fat loss within the body as it is in what types of foods to eat and the times of day in which to eat them.

The fact that makes this a very purposeful diet is that it targets mainly the fat that accumulates on the medial side of your upper arms (the jiggling underarms), the abdominal fat and the accumulated fat on the inner thigh that rubs together as you walk.

Burn Fat Rather than Store it

With this diet, you are correcting your hypothalamic function to reprogram itself to a better setting. The HCG tells the hypothalamus to burn fat rather than store it. Through the diet, you are eating only the kinds of food that will allow the up-regulation of your metabolism.

When you have reached the level where all the targeted fat has been burned, the diet will stop working. This is a self-regulatory safety feature. Once you have completed the weight-loss according to the specified guidelines, you should follow the maintenance protocol that is part of the diet. It will keep the weight off and you will feel healthier with more energy than ever to burn.

Raspberry Ketone Diet

The Raspberry Ketone supplement has been very well received because it works. It is a great diet for the loss of adipose cell contents in your body. The way it increases your metabolic rate to convert fat into energy is by effecting the secretion of norepinephrine from the adrenal medulla and adiponectin from adipose cells.
Adiponectin has anti-inflammatory properties which focus on keeping your blood vessel walls healthy. This is important in preventing strokes and heart attacks.

Lower Adiponectin Suggests Higher Diabetes Risk

An additional benefit from the Raspberry Ketone Diet is its effects on glucose. The conclusion was that a lower blood content of adiponectin is associated with a higher risk of Type 2 Diabetes. The Raspberry Ketone Diet will increase the secretion of adiponectin from fat cells, resulting in higher blood levels of this hormone and a decreased risk of Type 2 Diabetes.

Slower Stomach Emptying Avoids Glucose Spikes

Increased levels of norepinephrine will delay gastric metabolic activity while increasing the metabolism in other body functions. Your breathing will burn up more energy, your circulation will use more ATP, and your body temperature may be a little higher because it burns up more energy as well. Muscle contraction consumes an especially large amount of energy through the actions of norepinephrine release activated by raspberry ketones. At the same time, your gastric emptying slows down an incredible amount, which decreases the amount of glucose that can be converted into fat cells.

The African Mango Diet

This diet is not new to the natives of the African country of Cameroon. It is fairly new to the United States, however. African Mangoes have unique properties, among which are the regulation of the hormone leptin, appetite reduction, energy increase and the highly important ability of burning fat. In addition, this diet is so rich in fiber that the stomach takes much longer than normal to digest its content which prevents glucose elevation.

Increase Leptin Equals Decreased Hunger

Leptin, a protein as well as a hormone, plays a large role in regulating body weight. Secreted by the adipose cells, its presence and volume are noted by brain centers. In general, obese individuals are much higher synthesizers of leptin than their thin counterparts.

Increased leptin, while you are on a diet, is beneficial to weight reduction because it tells the satiety center in your brain that you are in a well-fed state. Without the increase in leptin, your brain receives signals that indicate that you are in a starvation state. The body’s response is hunger.

Tricking the Brain

High leptin content prevents hunger by telling the brain a fib. As your blood circulates through vessels of your brain, hypothalamic receptors pick up signals of being full. This tells your autonomic nervous system that you need not add more fuel into your stomach even though you are dieting and eating fewer calories than before. For this reason, hormone-involved diets are successful more often than diets that focus only on calorie reduction.

Do Your Reasearch

When you are ready to commit yourself to your chosen diet, be sure to check the product you buy carefully. The Raspberry Ketone Diet supplement should have no other ingredients than raspberry ketones, Green Tea, L-Carnitine and African mango.

If the African Mango Diet has a bigger appeal for you, look for the ingredients of raspberry ketones, Green Tea and L-Carnitine.

With the HCG Diet, you need to be sure to get the drops that are genuine. With all three diets, choose only the name brand that has the actual diet available to you. That is the only way you will be sure of the purity and effectiveness of ingredients and diet.

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