The Best Diet Foods to Lose Weight Fast

Dieting has become an American obsession. You can find every conceivable diet on television as well as in books. They all have some facts that are applicable to weight loss but most of them cannot explain the different types of fat and why this fat has deposited where it has.

Fat that concentrates mainly on the underarms, hips and thighs is fat that has lost its way. This is the fat that distorts a body the most and is the hardest to lose on a conventional diet.

The HCG Diet Has Been Much Researched

A British physician, Dr. Simeons, conducted a study and verified it by research, of how people gain weight and why. He did not stop there. He investigated further to find out exactly the type of food that will send your body into fat storage mode.

After he had gathered his information, he put it all into a book that gives the explanation of weight loss through targeting the fat cells that are misplaced and make unsightly bulges that can be seen through your clothes.

He also developed a plan to follow for anyone interested in putting his recommendations to the test. This plan has proven to be astoundingly successful for those who are determined and dedicated to lose weight very quickly. Dr. Simeons’ plan for dieters involves the use of HCG.

Strict Diet Rules Help Expedite Weight Loss

The best diet food when you are on the HCG Diet plan is the food that Dr. Simeons has prescribed. Being a very strict diet, this diet has to be followed to the letter or the results will not be equal to the claims that are made. There is no rule to say that you cannot substitute some foods, but for every time you do not adhere to the foods on the plan, you have wasted time and kept pounds you could have lost but didn’t.

There is a reason the recommended foods were selected. When you are in the Very Low Calorie Diet stage, which has to be combined with taking the HCG sublingual drops, you cannot mix your vegetables. Your servings of fruit and bread must be eaten several hours apart. Whatever the food is that you should eat that day is the food that will help you to shed the pound at that particular time.

Absolute Adherence is Necessary When Following This Diet

This diet does recommend that you have all the vitamins and nutrients every day to nourish your cells and provide the building blocks for making ATP. You must put your personal preferences aside because you are, after all, working for the greater good of your entire body. Food preference is of secondary importance in this instance. Your priority must be to lose the weight that is dragging you down and robbing you of precious energy.

Get The Weight Off and Keep it off

The attraction for many is that this HCG Diet allows for quick, measurable and visible weight loss. Unlike other diets, this diet will have you drop an average of three pounds every day for about a week.

Everyone, without exception, would be happy about such substantial results. Seeing the weight come off like that gives the dieter more incentive to stay with the diet. Even though the weight loss will slow down to about a half pound a day after the initial week, the reduced daily loss will still add up to three and a half pounds a week.

This is still an impressive number. Because you lose your excess weight so quickly, the time that you need to stay on the diet is a maximum of about sixty days. After that, you go on a maintenance plan. When your body has adjusted completely, and you need to lose additional pounds, you can begin the diet again, lose your pounds and then go into the maintenance phase. The diet works in this type of cycle.

The Function of the HCG Drops

The importance of taking the HCG drops while you eat from the list of foods, like Melba toast or a lean cut of red meat or fish is paramount. The drops should be taken throughout the day, but you have great freedom in the way you time the dosage.

The drops come from a human hormone, specifically that of pregnant women. The body produces HCG naturally when pregnancy occurs. HCG has many functions, among them it provides nutrition to the growing fetus by instructing mom’s hypothalamus to release excess fat to use for fuel, especially if mom isn’t eating enough of what her baby needs.

Keep Your Body Hydrated While Dieting

Fluid intake is also vitally important during the HCG Diet. The body must stay hydrated and drinking at least two liters of water each and every day is necessary. The diet regimen is regulated even down to which type of personal products you can use.

When you drink water, you may add lemon juice to it so long as the total amount of lemon juice used per day does not exceed the juice of one lemon. Stevia is permitted as sweetener; sugar is not. The lack of sugar in the diet should not be a hardship because Stevia is several hundred times sweeter than cane sugar. A little Stevia will go a very long way.

Getting Back To Eating Your Preferred Foods Again

The HCG Diet will reintroduce your body to the regular foods that you have eaten prior to beginning this diet. It will be a slow process to eat normally again, in reduced portions of course, because your body needs to get used to metabolizing the ordinary food combinations again. Weighing yourself daily is highly recommended so that you can do immediate damage control should you need to.

More than two pounds weight gain means you have to do a steak day (or protein day) that very day in order to keep your body weight in check.

Concerned About Safety?

HCG drops are a natural homeopathic product and the only side affects you may experience come from the result of your body cleansing itself of toxins. This may include headaches, upset stomach, and irritability for a few days.

Once your body has adjusted to a cleaner food intake you will not experience any nausea or headaches and you will feel better than you can remember ever feeling. It is recommended that you speak to your doctor prior to going on this diet. This is a simple precaution in case you have pre-existing health problems that need special attention.

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