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Perhaps you have explored several different diet options. You are already one step ahead from where you were because you have realized the importance of getting your body into complete and harmonious health. With the HCG Diet, you have found a diet with a huge success rate. You will lose weight very rapidly and you will feel better than you have in a long time.

Research and Development of this Diet

An endocrinologist from Great Britain, Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, decided to undergo a large research project about sixty years ago. His findings were studied extensively and now the entire world can benefit from his hard work. His work focused on what effects human chorionic gonadotropin has on the reduction of weight. Then he wrote a book about his research and included a diet plan that allows everyone to regain the health they seek.

Understanding “How” and “Why” Will Give You the Tools to Stay Focused

To become part of the success rate of losing an extreme amount of weight in a short amount of time, and in a safe manner, you have to read Dr. Simeon’s book, Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity, to understand how and why this diet works. A better understanding of the weight loss process will help you stay on course because the importance of it will be imprinted on your mind.

Planning Your Course

First, you decide how much weight you need to lose. The HCG Diet has three options for the length of time and amount of weight loss you will invest.

Plan A: 26 – 30 days will give you a twenty to thirty pound weight loss,
Plan B: 43 – 48 days will give you twenty five to thirty five pound weight loss
Plan C: 60 days will give you a weight loss of up to forty pounds.

More weight loss than forty pounds during one diet plan is not recommended.

Pre-measure Your Dimensions Prior to and After the Diet

The amazing fact with this diet is that you will not only lose the weight in pounds but also in inches off your body, especially the target zones. Losing a size in your jeans or dress is a big accomplishment even though you may not show that amount of decrease on the scale.

It will get there also but first you may see a shrinking of yourself. Measure your neck, biceps, upper chest, waist, hips, thighs and calves. Those are target areas for the HCG diet.

Start the Diet with Loading Up on Fat

When you begin the diet, you will need to load up on fat for one to three days, depending on the diet you were eating for the past half year. This is the Loading Phase. During this time, you will gain a few pounds. Do not worry about this. This weight gain will actually help you shed pounds in the next phase.

You begin taking your HCG Drops at this time, according to the recommended schedule. During this phase, try to eat as many fatty foods as you can. All the rich creamy items you avoided before, load up on them. Do stay away from sugar, if you can, because they are carbs, not fats. Cheesecake and ice cream are permitted to be on your food list.

The Second Phase Will Start With a Very Low Calorie Diet

The VLCD phase is the Very Low Calorie Diet and it is the next step. Weight loss is actually beginning here. The important point of this phase is that it has to be uninterrupted for at least three weeks.

Within those twenty-one days, there can be no break. You may be at your intended weight sooner than the twenty-one days but if you don’t stay on the diet for those three weeks, you will not have effectively changed the way your body handles fat.

Remain in a Hydrated State

This phase requires that you drink at least two liters of water every day. To keep properly hydrated, you must compensate for any fluid loss through diuretics such as coffee or tea, or high perspiration during a hot day, by increasing your water intake. You should not do rigorous exercises in this phase.

Light walking is acceptable, as is light Yoga. During this phase you must follow a list of personal products use as well. Nothing oily is to be on your skin or hair.

The Second Part of the Second Phase

Now you enter the second part of Phase Two. At the last day of your prescribed course, whatever number of days that may be; you take the last dose of HCG. You must then continue the VLCD for another three days. This is necessary to rid your body of all HCG residues.

The Permitted Food List

The foods permitted on the Very Low Calorie Diet:

Tea or coffee in any amount. You may use three teaspoons full of milk per day, so be careful how you spend the milk allowance. Stevia is the only choice for a sweetener.
One piece of fruit is allowed. (You can only have two pieces of fruit per day. You choose when to eat them.)
Lunch & Dinner:
100 g (3.5 oz.) of lean meat from a specific list of proteins.
One vegetable from the specified list and you cannot mix them. You eat only the vegetable permitted.
Bread consists of a piece of melba toast or grissini breadstick.
One piece of fruit (apple, ½ grapefruit, 10 strawberries, or one orange). Fruits are also not to be mixed.

These are the portions for your proteins and carbohydrates respectively. Two to three times weekly you can make a few substitutions. Instead of the protein portions you can have a protein shake, one half of a cup of fat free cottage cheese, or even a prescribed number of egg whites plus one whole egg. The juice of one lemon per day is also permitted.

The Maintenance Phase

Maintenance is just as important as the diet itself. During maintenance, you are gradually permitted to add foods to your diet again. Sliding back is an emotional downer. The maintenance diet will help you stay on course with your weight.

You will enter the final phase, the Life Phase, after completing Maintenance. You do not need to despair if you find that your weight starts going up a bit, as there are tools provided to maintain and keep your weight stable. This diet is one of a kind with fabulous results.

Get the Product that is Effective and Genuine

When you purchase your HCG drops and diet manual, you are purchasing an entire support team. They will be there for you to answer any questions and address any of your diet concerns. The company that makes the HCG drops has dedicated much of their time to provide the best support for you.

To be sure you have the genuine HCG Diet Drops, Manual, and Support Team, and read the labels on the bottles to be sure there is actually HCG listed in the ingredients, not just in the name of the product, as there are many sneaky marketing techniques out there. Buying the wrong kind or imitation drops will not bring you desired results.

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