Plan Ahead for Phase 1 of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a revolutionary concept discovered by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons in the 1970’s while taking part in a study unrelated to obesity. While testing a chemical on young boys with a pituitary problem he found that the side effect of the treatment was the mobilization of fat stores and ultimately less hunger and weight loss.

That chemical was HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin and is naturally produced in pregnant women to allow the fetus access to stored fat in the mother’s body. The hypothalamus instructs the storage of fat whenever more is taken in than can be immediately used. Therefore, at almost every meal we are storing fat never to be accessed again. This fat builds up in our body and is the leading contributor of obesity. The HCG diet allows those fat stores to be accessed and used as fuel for the body and subsequently eliminated.

While HCG causes the fat stores to be mobilized, Dr Simeons soon discovered that this was not enough to cause weight loss. Once the stores are released they need to be the only ones available to be burned as fuel in order not to cause additional storage. This is where the “diet” portion of the HCG diet comes in. The diet consists of a four-phase plan for weight loss, metabolism reprogramming, and long-term maintenance. I like to refer to this as load, lose, adjust, and maintain.

The HCG diet plan phase 1 is a time to prepare for the rapid weight loss experienced in phase 2. During phase 1 you load up on high fat food and beginning taking HCG. This serves a couple purposes, one, it will cause you to be less hungry during the first week of the very low calorie diet phase and two, it gives the HCG time to get into your system.

This phase is especially important for people who have been eating a low fat and/or low calorie diet in the 6 months before starting the HCG diet. Also, those who have had numerous weight fluctuations in their life should optimize this phase. If you are one of the described cases you should do three load days instead of the required two. You should still only take the HCG during the last two days of load.

During the load phase you must eat as much fat as possible while restricting carbohydrates and sugars. This may sound difficult but think grease, butter, and cheese. Heavy cream, rich sauces, bacon, fried eggs, and nuts are excellent choices. During the last day of load it is especially important that you consume more than you may want even though it will be increasingly difficult as the HCG is starting to work, making you feel fuller.

Good Luck!

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Author: Sarah

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