Phase 3 of the HCG Diet Plan – Maintenance

The third phase of the HCG diet is where the major differences with other diets become evident. The HCG diet actually provides a way to reprogram your metabolism so you can eat normally without fear of regaining the weight you lost. Phase three is a two part phase called maintenance. You will gradually reintroduce foods that were restricted on phase two while retraining the hypothalamus to store and burn calories at a more effective rate.

It takes six weeks of diligence to accomplish this phase but in the end you will be glad you did. While you aren’t supposed to lose weigh during phase three, you also don’t want to gain weight. Actually, you should not lose or gain more than 2 pounds during this time. The purpose of the maintenance phase is to stabilize your weigh at a healthy level so that you don’t gain everything you lost during VLCD right back. This is the major difference between the HCG diet and other diets; you don’t have to stay on this diet forever in order to keep the weight off.

One of the most important things you need to do on phase three is to keep track of your calorie intake based on what is recommended by your BMR. You can find a BMR calculator at

Each week on maintenance you introduce new foods from a progressive list carefully developed by Dr. Simeons.

For the first three week of phase three you will eat from a list of foods that contain little or no sugar or starch. The following three weeks is when you will gradually add carbs back into your diet. The protocol offers a very specific plan that must be followed exactly for optimum results. If you still have more weight to lose after completing the maintenance phase you can choose to begin another round of the protocol.

Diet Tips For Phase 3

Dr. Simeons created the HCG weight loss protocol. It was his belief obesity was a disorder. His intent was to reprogram the malfunctioning hypothalamus in the brain. By doing this, the hypothalamus would begin sending signals to the body to burn fat in hard to lose places such as the buttocks, thighs, and neck. The reprogramming of the hypothalamus happens in phase 3. There are a few tips to ensure this will happen.

Tip one: Sugars and starches are to be avoided during this phase. The body has been detoxified in phase 2, the low calorie intake. The body is burning energy from fat. Now is the time of stabilization and maintenance. Your body is finding its natural weight. This will prevent weight from coming back on. It is imperative to know what the ingredients are in food before eating them. Since foods items can be added back in, dieters can use recipes from phase 2, but add extra elements. For example, French onion soup is popular in phase 2. Adding cheese makes it a great meal for phase 3.

Tip two: Weight gain or loss should be no more than 2 pounds. This should be the barometer during this phase. This phase is known for dieters to experience natural stalls. To help during this time, dieters need to journal their food intake. It will help them if they start to gain weight. This is a valuable technique to use until the end of the diet and beyond. Dieters will learn which foods they are more prone to gain weight with. They will learn which foods they can eat at a bigger portion size and not gain weight. At this time, dieters should be using a scale every morning. This way they can ensure they are within their 2 pound limit.

Phase 3 can be a success with the use of a few tips: avoid sugars and starches, as well as use a scale daily. Dieters have worked hard through phase 2 and lost weight. They can easily reach their weight loss goals in phase 3 by imploring many of the healthy eating habits learned in phase 2, but adding more food that best suits them.

Good Luck!

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