Outlines of the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a rather complex diet that requires full effort and in-depth knowledge in order to be successful. The diet is not something to simply jump into, but the amount of information included in it frustrates some potential dieters. If you are considering starting the HCG diet, don’t let this discourage you. It is important that you know everything you can before beginning the diet, but you can start by learning generally how the diet works and find out details after the basics make sense.

This diet consists of taking the hormone hCG on a daily basis and sticking to a strict, 500-calorie diet. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is an amazing hormone that is naturally found in the placenta of pregnant women. It will work with you throughout your HCG diet to make you feel full, giving you the calories you need on a daily basis, and telling your body to use your surplus fat as fuel.

However, HCG alone will not help you lose weight. You must follow Dr. Simeons’ strict protocol to be successful with the HCG diet.

There are five steps to the HCG diet:

1. Load Days   2. Very Low Calorie Diet Phase   3. Maintenance 1   4. Maintenance 2  and  5. Life Phase.

During the Load Days you will start taking HCG. Many people like the idea of this phase because you are supposed to eat foods very high in fat. This phase continues for two days, after which you will begin the Very Low Calorie Diet phase. This is the phase where you will lose all of your expected weight, and it is the most limiting. This is the longest phase of the HCG diet. After this phase you will move onto the Maintenance phases, which are three weeks each.

The purpose of Maintenance is to slowly incorporate different foods into your diet without gaining weight. You have reached the Life phase of the HCG diet once you have completed Maintenance and are capable of eating a normal diet and maintaining a healthy weight.

There is a lot of information that goes along with the HCG diet. It is important that you understand the basic HCG diet outlines before trying to understand the details of the diet. The diet can seem complicated at first, but if you put in the effort to learn everything you can about it you can have a successful HCG diet!

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