Lose 7 Pounds in One Week with the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is still going strong and helping thousands of Americans lose a lot of weight, fast. It was first created in the 1950s by Dr. ATW Simeons. He discovered that the hormone, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), has the ability to activate the hypothalamus gland and trigger it to release stored fat cells. When this occurs, in combination with a low calorie diet, dieters lose an average of one pound per day.

Many people have been swayed by reports that the HCG diet is a starvation method. What they fail to understand, is that with the release of existing fat, there is no way the body can ‘starve.’ In fact, when the protocol that Dr. Simeons recommended is followed, most dieters do not feel hunger at all.

The diet plan is remarkably simple. There are no points to count, no complex meals to cook, and no processed bars to eat. Since HCG is a hormone derived from the human body, the diet is the safe and effective.

The majority of HCG dieters prefer to ingest drops rather than get injections. The injections are effective; however they are not convenient and also cost much more than the drops because it involves seeing a doctor. HCG drops are just as effective as shots, cost less and can be delivered right to your door. They also do not require refrigeration and can be taken anywhere. This method is the least expensive and the most convenient.

One full round of the diet consists of taking the drops and going through three different phases. The final outcome is highly contingent on following each phase exactly as instructed. Remember, this diet is not hard to follow, but it does require strict adherence to the protocol for optimal weight loss results. There are no food substitutions with the diet, so you are only allowed to eat the foods listed in the diet plan. The good news is that recipes are tasty and satisfying.

Phase two is the low calorie portion of the diet. It will only last for a few weeks. During this time, as less food is consumed, the body is able to get nutrients and energy from the fat cells being release by the hCG. Therefore, there is no possible way to starve because the body is getting adequate nutrition from within. This phase is required for the body to learn how to eat healthy and take in fewer calories.

One of the greatest things about the diet is that it is a lifelong lesson. Once you train the body how to live a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, the weight won’t just fall off, but it will stay off. After a few weeks, the caloric intake will increase, and body will have learned how to sustain an adequate weight.

Most dieters lose 30-45 pounds with one round. If you want to lose more weight after the round is over, another round can begin. This can continue until you are at your ideal weight. It is essential to understand that making a commitment to the hCG diet is making a commitment to yourself. The success of the plan will depend on your determination to lead a healthy lifestyle forever, not just during the diet.

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