Is There A Vegetarian Menu For The HCG Diet?

There are no menus designed for a vegetarian using the HCG Diet. But there are food lists and recipes available for vegetarians. For example, a vegetarian food list can be found at Vegetarian dieters may not realize, but there are a variety of HCG plans currently available to them. They, more than other dieters, need to ensure they are working under the supervision of a doctor, because of their dietary restrictions.

When Dr. Simeons created the original HCG weight loss protocol, he kept vegetarian dieters in mind and included options for them. For example, they could still partake in the very low calorie section of the protocol by including 500ccs of skim milk as part of their diet. Dr. Simeons further encouraged vegetarians to use curd as part of their protein.

Vegetarian dieters can easily find free recipes online. For some more excitement and guidance, vegetarian dieters post their recipes on YOUTUBE and demonstrate how to prepare them. These sources of information encourage the use of soy burgers or beans for protein substitutions.

However, it is not recommended to eat more than two soy burgers a week. Protein variety may be the biggest challenge for vegetarians. A well rounded menu for the entire diet will lead to weight loss. This is also true for non-vegetarians, who may want to eat chicken for lunch and dinner. They will have to vary their protein choice too.

Dr. Simeons’ points out that the positive news for vegetarians is that vegetable and fruit choices are the same for them. Vegetarian dieters are already eating a highly selective menu. It will be easier for them to get use to the regimental structure and limited food selection of the HCG diet.

For some dieters, this is half the battle. Dieters, who plan ahead and work with their doctor, will have no problem finding proteins. Don’t be afraid to get dietary advice from a nutritionist before or during their diet. The HCG diet is all about making healthy food choices.

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