How Much Does the HCG Diet Cost?

The HCG diet is a fast, safe and effective way to lose weight. By taking a small amount of the naturally produced chemical, HCG, and following a strict diet you will reach your goals very quickly. In Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ original protocol you are required to take daily injections of HCG administered by a doctor.

The diet has come a long way since then. While the original protocol remains the only proven method for losing weight with HCG, the delivery method has improved.

You can now follow the plan exactly as you should completely on your own. The introduction of sublingual HCG drops in the last 10 years is what makes this possible. The result is a less costly, less painful approach to weight loss that is just as effective as the original.

So, how much does the HCG diet cost?

The answer differs depending on your preference of method.

  • Injections can be considerable more expensive because they are given by a physician. Prescribed doses can range anywhere from $12 – $35 each.
  • Sublingual hcg drops: the price is typically much lower at around $4 – $8 a day. The important thing to  know about sublingual drops is that the suggested dose for injections should be doubled.

Be sure, however you choose to receive your HCG doses that the source is reputable. Especially when ordering online you want to be sure the HCG originates in the USA and is produced in an FDA registered lab.

If you choose to follow the diet through a clinic or doctor make sure they follow Dr. Simeons protocol.

Also, remember that while you are taking HCG doses you will be following a restricted diet so you will be saving a ton on food costs.

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  1. how do I find a reputable source of hcg diet drops?

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