Eating Eggs on the HCG Diet

food in refridgeratorYou may think that, because HCG requires a very low 500 calorie diet, you are only limited to bland and tasteless foods. You may worry that you won’t feel satisfied after you eat. None of this is true.

There is a potential for hunger in the first few days if you do not eat enough fat on the load days, but this will pass.

Eggs are one of the proteins you are allowed during the HCG diet plan. You can have eggs for either lunch or dinner including during the VLCD phase, during this phase you should have one whole egg plus three whites (equals one protein serving for one meal). But just don’t eat eggs each day, once or twice a week is fine though.

Separating the whites from the yolks can be tricky, here’s a clever hack:

For lunch, an example of what you can have is Lemon Egg Drop Soup. To make this you’ll need 4 cups of basic chicken broth, 4 large eggs, 4 drops Stevia Lemon Drop flavor drops, 4 cups baby spinach, salt and pepper to taste, and 1 tablespoon finely chopped parsley leaves.
(more on eggs in hcg diet/recipes)

Egg Day on the HCG Diet

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If you’re gaining weight (+ 2pounds) try an “egg day”. On an egg day you can eat 8 to 12 eggs. But you can’t eat anything else, and should drink plenty of water.

There are many recipes for the very low calorie diet. Some are included with the diet, but you can also buy HCG cookbooks to help keep the diet from getting boring and hard to stick to.



1 Large Egg, boiled = 78 calories

1 Large Egg, omelet = 94 calories

Eggs are a good source of Vitamins A,D and B12

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