Can I do a 2nd Round on the HCG Diet?

Yes,you can.

Dieters who start the HCG diet plan don’t always shoot for the maximum number of pounds that can be lost on the plan. They don’t try to lose 40 pounds all at one. They take a small bite before trying to eat the whole cooking. To lose 40 pounds would mean completing a 60 day program. Some dieters prefer to dip their toe in and work the plan for 26 days and lose between 20-30 pounds.

There is nothing wrong with that approach. In fact, their success just spurs on their determination in the second round.

The second round is very similar to the first round. The dieters should begin by discussing with their doctor, if a second round is medically right for them. The dieter must ensure they have fully completed phase 3. This should last about three weeks, but that will depend on which weight loss timeline was part of their original plan.

Now is the time the dieter should implore a healthy lifestyle. They are ready. They should see for two weeks, if they can continue their weight loss journey without HCG. A 30 minute exercise plan with healthy eating is great way to start. However, there are dieters that know that they want to use HCG for another round. This is an excellent alternative too.

However, some dieters don’t have as much success with a second or third round. The answer to why this phenomenon happens is simple. It is dieter error. Dieters need to remember all the little things that worked in the first round. They need to weight their food. Do homework and review the protocol directions. They need to spend some time with Dr. Simeons’ eBook called Pounds and Inches: A new approach to obesity at

The commitment that dieters used in round 1 should not get lost in round 2. They can experience the same success. Be certain about choices in round 2 and look up anything online that is not absolutely going to help during the diet. Round 2 is just as exciting and challenging in round 1. However, nothing beats losing more weight again. It never gets old.

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Author: Abigail

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