How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

Every diet will eventually reach a plateau. It is the body’s way of adjusting to something that happens repeatedly. This can be quite frustrating to the dieter who may have felt that they finally have found the diet that will bring them to their weight goal.

The diet has been excellent for some time. You have lost a great deal of weight, until now. Now it seems everything has come to a complete stop no matter how careful you are not to deviate from the diet.

Be Smarter Than Your Body

When your diet hits that plateau, you may feel disappointed and feel like giving up. Don’t do that. Your body is just telling you that you need to change your strategy. It is on to you and it just doesn’t want to cooperate any longer. That’s all the body has, the physical response. You on the other hand, have the mental ability to overcome any physical response, so don’t give up. You are not defeated; you only hit a plateau.

Switching Diets

There are some things you can do to overcome the weight loss plateau. Depending on the diet you are on, you may change diets.

Add a Little Exercise

Another option is to stop dieting with supplements altogether. Keep your calories within the previous limits and don’t start making big changes. Just stop taking supplements for a week. During that time, pick up a little on your exercises. Take extra-long walks or start a weight lifting program. Any new activity will push your body into changing lanes and performing again as it should.

Perseverance Will Bring Success

If you are on the HCG Diet, the rule is to stay on the diet. Do not give in to the belief that you have come to a stop. You did reach a plateau but not the end of the diet. Because you lost such a tremendous amount of weight at first with the HCG Diet, you may believe that this will go on for a hundred pounds or so. Realistically, this cannot happen. Your health would suffer if you were to continue to lose between two and six pounds per day continuously. However, a more modest weight loss would be highly acceptable, so long as it continues and you see the reward for your efforts.

Patience Will Save the Day

On the HCG Diet, you are encouraged to ignore the plateau and keep on following your diet plan. Since you have to weigh yourself daily and very precisely, you will become anxious every time you approach the scale. Again, ignore the numbers. Keep doing what you were doing. Your plateau may last for a whole week, where the scale looks like it froze in one particular spot. After you have outwaited your body’s physical response, you will be on track again, losing weight.

Women have it More Difficult

Hitting a plateau is especially likely for women. Once every month they may see a few days where the scale just doesn’t move. This is temporary and will correct itself once your hormones are again at the post-menstruation level.

Another, more important reason for plateaus is one that is especially frustrating for former yo-yo dieters. Because you have dieted and lost weight then stopped dieting and gained weight in a repetitious cycle, you have several set points in your system that had been previously targeted as your normal weight. Now you have to erase these old “memory weights” by determinedly sticking to your convictions.

Weight Loss Picks Up Again

Once you keep on with your diet, you will begin losing weight again, probably within a week. At that time, you will have a larger amount of weight that will come off at one time. Then everything will be according to the plan again.

Reaching for the Secret Weapon

The HCG Diet has another remedy for combatting a plateau that happened not out of side-stepping the diet or our time of the month. An unexpectedly occurring plateau is nothing more than just a plateau.

One of the things you can do is to insert into your diet plan an “Apple Day.” Like all of the HCG Diet, this is very strict. You will eat six apples in a twenty-four hour period. Beginning at noon on one day, you will end at noon the next day. Stay hydrated and this will likely move you through the plateau. An Apple Day is only useful for plateaus of four days or longer with no changes in weight, neither up nor down.

Do Self-Examination of Your Diet

If there is stress around you and you are not sleeping well, this may upset the entire delicate balance of your weight loss. You may think about your water intake and your food choices. If anything deviated from the recommendation, you have your true reason for the plateau. Simply sticking to the plan will get you through it.

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