Diet Plan to Lose 20 Pounds

Whether you only need to lose 20 pounds or you just want to jump-start your journey to being slim and full of energy, you need to choose your diet plan and dietary supplements carefully.

By choosing a diet plan that is healthy and encourages permanent weight loss, you will increase your chances of sticking with it. You also need to take supplements that will help you maintain your energy and speed up your weight loss.

Here is a selection of popular diets and supplements:

The HCG diet is your best bet for fast, safe weight loss. On this diet, you can lose as much as one pound a day, on average, for up to a month. The science behind the HCG diet focuses on a hormone, HCG, taken orally in a homeopathic formula. By combining daily doses of HCG drops with a low-calorie diet, you can achieve extraordinarily fast, safe, long-term weight loss. The HCG hormone simultaneously increases your metabolism while using calories from your fat cells as supplemental fuel.

The HCG diet is an exteremely effective weight loss method because it won’t leave you feeling drained at the end because, unlike most other diets, you’re not burning muscle – just excess fat. Though you will not be eating many calories, you’ll get ample energy as the hormone instructs your hypothalamus to release this stored fat from your body and use it for fuel. The HCG actually gives you an energy boost. If you really want a diet plan to lose 20 or more pounds, this is probably you best bet.

The cabbage soup diet is a diet plan that lasts one week. In those seven days, you will lose weight. If you don’t lose 20 pounds the first time, you can try again. You must wait a minimum of two weeks between dieting. Since you will get most of your nutrients from cabbage soup, you may feel tired and drained on this diet.

The Alabama three-day diet provides a list of foods to eat each day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is based on low-calorie consumption without any additional supplements, which may leave you hungry and irritable. According to the diet’s claim, you could lose up to 20 pounds in two weeks. However, most of that comes from water loss.

Dieters on the rice diet eat only rice for three days. This formerly popular plan is still in use and will reduce your weight, even if only for a short while. This diet also omits fat, protein, and fiber, wreaking havoc on your health. This is not recommended.

Supplements for Losing 20 Pounds

medicine dropper and bottleIf you are restricting your caloric intake, you must take a multivitamin. Supplements, such as those developed to increase your natural metabolism, can make it easier for you to lose weight. When the speed of your metabolism increases, you will burn not only the calories you ingest each day, but also those held in your fat cells.

The gold standard in weight loss supplements are Raspberry Ketones and African Mango. There are also other supplements that may help weight loss, even though they are less effective than Raspberry Ketone and African Mango. If you’re looking for a diet plan to lose 20 pounds faster and safer than most other diets, these two are second best to the HCG diet.

Raspberry Ketones is an all-natural supplement that has been shown to increase the speed of weight loss. This fat-burning molecule is found naturally in red raspberries and, when isolated and concentrated, have the ability to raise your body’s resistance to insulin. It is insulin sensitivity that leads to weight gain and cravings.

The hunger-reducing properties of African Mango have been long known to the natives of the region in which it grows, but it has recently become popular all over the world. This unique fruit can also reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, making it a fast way to achieve better health. African Mango, like Raspberry Ketones, uses natural properties of healthy fruits and has been shown in studies to lead to weight loss even without dramatic changes in diet.

Green tea can be an effective weight-loss supplement. Some studies have shown that green tea drinkers have lower body mass indices. Green tea includes catechins and theanine, both of which are thought to lower the body mass index, which is a goal for every dieter. Green tea also has been found to decrease cholesterol and blood pressure.

Many body-builders take linoleic acid as a dietary supplement. Linoleic acid is an unsaturated fatty acid necessary for the maintenance of metabolic processes. Together with other ingredients that increase metabolic activity, conjugated linoleic acid isomers work to decrease the amassed fat in your body and increase muscle bulk. To attain a 20-pound weight loss, this supplement must be taken three times a day on an empty stomach. This supplement has the additional benefit of boosting your immune system while you lose weight and build muscle. However, it generally requires a great deal of physical activity to work well.

Orlistat is a generic over-the-counter weight loss drug that is available without a prescription. This drug’s action is primarily to block fat from being absorbed. People with gallstones or occasional gallbladder problems should not take orlistat. Orlistat can cause gastric discomfort if you don’t follow the dietary restrictions that accompany the drug carefully – most notably, you must restrict your fat intake.

Capsaicin is found in hot peppers. It has been used to decrease pain caused by inflamed joints or arthritis. Its burning properties warm the joints and sooth the inflammation. Capsaicin has been shown to stimulate weight loss and boost metabolism. Capsaicin can be found in pill form so that you can take it comfortably. Though it is not very effective by itself, it can be combined with other supplements to inwoman happy and healthy at sunrisecrease their effectiveness.

Fucoxanthine is a naturally occurring chemical in seaweed. It has been linked to weight reduction, and is known to target belly fat. Inositol and choline are vitamins that work together in an effort to reduce weight. You can find both vitamins in eggs as well as in soy and some nuts. These supplements can also be found in pill form, and they may help you lose weight when combined with a strict diet and rigorous exercise.
When you make the commitment to a healthier lifestyle and a thinner body, you know you will have to make some changes to your diet. When you’re on the hunt for a diet plan to lose 20 pounds, you can make the process easier and faster by choosing a diet and weight loss supplements that will boost your metabolism in a healthy, natural way.

The HCG diet and the Raspberry Ketones and African Mango help boost your energy and metabolism while you lose weight and regain your health.

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