Create Healthy Eating Plans For Weight Loss with HCG

Many diet plans have severe restrictions regarding one type of food or another. Most diet plans are very hard to follow and maintain. Other plans may make life a little easier for you.

The HCG Diet plan will give you a better grasp on dieting without hating it. It has been around for a couple of generations and many people call it a tried and true diet.

If you plan on going on this diet, you should inform yourself a little before you start. Get to know the principles of the weight loss mechanism and the way the architect of this diet, Dr. Simeon, has developed it to help you and anyone else who wants to make obesity a thing of the past.

What Is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin?

The approach of this diet is to use a human hormone that is normal in the pregnant female body. It is secreted by the uterine tissue during the first trimester and functions to stimulate the ovaries to secrete estrogen and progesterone. This is necessary to keep the embryo viable.

In the non-pregnant body, this hormone does not need to keep anything growing, so it can function with a different purpose. It is capable of signaling the release of fat from body areas where the fat should be minimal instead of stored in large amounts.

The more obvious property, perhaps, is the metabolic increase derived from the presence of HCG. Dr. Simeon has used his knowledge of the human body and the actions of hormones to manipulate both in such a way as to benefit from HCG’s action.

Mental Preparation For Weight Loss Is Imperative

When you go on this diet, you do have a certain protocol to follow. If you deviate, you may be sabotaging your efforts before you ever give it a chance. This means that you have to be mentally prepared and determined to begin this journey and follow it through. The result will be a body that is in the weight range and shape it should be.
Once your weight is at its best, you will feel like a new person, physically and mentally. With your new, slim figure, you will also feel younger than you have in years.

Consider the additional benefits of being healthy. You can breathe more easily without getting tired after one flight of stairs. You can walk for a few miles without having to rest. You can play with your children or nieces and nephews. Life will take on a whole new meaning for you.

The Diet Begins By Eating Fatty Foods

After you have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the process of the HCG Diet, your first steps will be to eat a lot of fat-laden foods for a couple of days. Fill up and store up on all the fatty things you have always thought of as forbidden foods. You will have to take the drops in conjunction with the food as recommended. Avoid a lot of sugar in the food you eat and stay mainly with high fat-content food.

When you have accomplished that, then you will start the next phase that will drop your caloric intake to about five hundred calories a day. That sounds like torture but because the body will use the abnormal fat deposits as fuel to make up for the lack of calories, so you will experience minimal hunger.

That is the idea behind this weight loss. You want the body to reduce the amount of the fat that should not be in certain places. You may stay on the five hundred calorie a day phase for 21 to 60 days. The time you stay on it depends on your weight loss aim and your schedule.

You are permitted to eat only certain foods in the form of lean meats, fish, specific fruits and vegetables. You can’t do this diet without knowing exactly what you can and cannot eat. If you try taking the drops and eating “off protocol” you won’t lose weight, and you could gain.

Three days of five hundreds calories without the addition of HCG drops comes next, followed by the Maintenance phase to maintain the weight you have achieved. This maintenance plan must be followed for six weeks and again, there are limitations on what you can eat. Do not attempt this phase without a food list – the last thing you want to do is gain back the weight you just lost. That can happen quickly if you eat the wrong foods.

For the first three weeks, sugars and starches are limited to low-starch, low-sugar fruits and vegetables. During the second three weeks of maintenance you will gradually add sugars and starches, maintaining your weight.

Fast Results Keeps You Motivated

The reason this diet is popular with so many people is because it works very fast. The long-term goal, after all, is what keeps most people from sticking to other diets. Results are slow to show with other, more traditional diets. Even though you have heard it all with reference to how long it took to gain the weight and that it is natural that it should take a while to take it off, you still want to see at least some results.

The HCG Diet will give you that mental boost by giving you a weight loss of two to four pound per day in the very first week. Your heart rejoices with such numbers. The joy is temporary because after that, you will start losing weight much slower, but you will still lose about a half pound a day.

When Following Exact Instructions the Diet Is Safe

Some may be a little concerned about your health and safety when you lose so much weight so quickly. Remember, it was a physician who developed this diet. He worked with thousands of patients and honed the protocol in such a way that you benefit from the weight loss without suffering the loss of muscle or necessary fat. Your body will feel strong and alive even when you are on the diet. It will feel even better when you have lost the desired weight.

Don’t Be Fooled By Imitations

When you purchase your HCG drops, be sure to get the true HCG drops and not some type of imitation that does not do anything at all. You will not lose weight unless the actual HCG hormone is in the formula.
There are many so-called HCG drops on the market that do not even include HCG. If you have no way of knowing what they are, do not buy them. Don’t rely on the name of the company or the name of the product. Look for the ingredients list. If it contains HCG, only then will your diet succeed.

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