What Cookbooks to Use During Phase 1 of the HCG Diet

Phase one of the diet is widely misunderstood. The “Phases” of the diet were made up by Keven Trudeau, who created Phase 1 to be a cleanse. The cleanse is not necessary to the HCG diet and was not intended by Dr. Simeons, the creator of the HCG protocol.

Some people who don’t realize this think that the fat loading days are considered to be Phase 1. The load days are meant to accelerate and support weight loss in “phase two” – the VLCD part of the diet. If you are looking for recipes for loading days, just find anything with ingredients like butter, bacon, mayonnaise, heavy cream, ice cream, cheese, sausage, avocado, etc.

Some great cookbooks to use are those with home style or homemade in the title, which tend to have a lot of butter or cheese in them. Paula Dean is a great example of someone who loves to cook with butter and cream. Or just go to any fast food restaurant and avoid the salad. Keep in mind are that high fat, not carb, sugar, or starch, is what will help prevent hunger during the first week of VLCD.

If you are confusing Phase 1 with Phase 2 (again, these are Trudeau’s terms, not Dr. Simeons), and are looking for recipes for VLCD, then you are in luck because there are hundreds of recipes for VLCD you can find for free online. The one thing you have to remember, even when buying a cookbook to use during Phase 1 (Phase 2) of the HCG diet, is that not all recipes go strictly by Dr. Simeons food list.

You’ll find that some people, who do not have decades of research and case studies under their belts like Dr. Simeons did, have decided that certain foods should be added to make the diet more appealing. Don’t fall into that trap even if they insist it’s OK. It’s not!

Whether you’re looking for cookbooks to use during Phase 1 of the HCG diet or Phase 2, find one that has recipes and flavors that appeal to you. It’s up to you to be diligent with scrutinizing the ingredients to make sure you’re not inadvertently cheating.

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Author: Abigail

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