Can Vegetarians Use The HCG Diet Protocol?

Vegetarians that decide to use the HCG Diet Protocol can have special problems. Because of the lack of meat for protein, the HCG diet must be changed. Breakfast can be the same: water, black coffee, and green tea. Yes, a dieter may sweeten tea or coffee using Stevie, but no pure cane sugar is allowed.

The real changes will come at lunch and dinner. Eating a soy patty or soy milk along with normal veggies will compensate for the lack of meat and protein in the vegetarian diet.

Many diverse fruits and veggies are allowed. For example, vegetarian dieters can try celery, cucumbers, cabbage, red radish, and lettuce. It is best to steam these or boil them. Raw is also allowed. For fruits, eat a normal size. The biggest piece of fruit should be avoided. Apples and oranges of medium size are acceptable choices. Dieters can
also eat strawberries, blue berries, and grapefruit. Just keep the serving sizes low.

Dinner is basically the same thing. Food choices are less as a vegetarian, but it is not impossible to use HCG. Since most vegetarians eat fresh fruits and vegetables already, the changes should not be drastic for them. Also, seasoning is similar for vegetarian dieters; they can use vinegar, parsley, salt and peppers in minimal amounts. More importantly, there have been many successful vegetarian dieters on the HCG diet over the years.

A diet is a serious decision and should not be considered lightly. HCG’s low calorie diet and unique protein changes are two serious aspects to consider. Vegetarian dieters must plan ahead for the HCG diet plan. They need to research recipes and food lists. Vegetarian food lists and valuable HCG information can be found in Dr. Simeons’ eBook called Pounds and Inches: A new approach to obesity at http://www.myhcg With proper preparation, vegetarians can enjoy the weight loss benefits of the HCG diet.

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