11 Tips To Get Through the HCG Diet

Preparedness is the key for success or failure of the HCG diet. No amount of caution or HCG can help you if you keep falling short of supplies! This is why you need to be ready for the battle ahead, right from the start.

Use these tips to help you prepare for the diet.

1. Pick a Date and stick with it: Don’t give yourself empty assurances that you will start eventually. You have all the information you need; you have the passion to get your summer body back on track, so what are you waiting for? Pick a date and honor it! Write it down somewhere you can see every day. This will help you prepare yourself mentally that the journey is about to start.

2. Tell your friends and family: Once you tell your family and friends about the HCG diet that you are going to start, you will feel the social pressure to go through with it till the end. In fact, your friends will also lend you support when you find it too hard to go through with it.

3. Get acquainted with the protocol: this eBook has been written to educate you about the HCG diet. Make sure you read it thoroughly and also other literature regarding the HCG protocol so that you know what you are getting into. Read the original protocol by Dr. Simeons. It’s available for download here.

4. Always consult a doctor before you start dieting: The best way to start the HCG diet plan is under the guidance of a licensed doctor. Your physician will be able to guide you about the foods you can or cannot eat. They can also recommend you the best the dosage to suit your body’s need.

5. Make photos: Taking before and after pictures of your body can serve as a motivation.

6. Study your progress: This is very important. You need to constantly measure yourself to know what progress have you made. The HCG diet does not only help you lose weight but also trims the inches off your body.

7. Weigh yourself everyday: This is what most people find it very hard to do. Who likes to deal with the ugly truth? But this is something you need to do every day while you are on the HCG diet. More so because it will help you measure the progress you are making.

8. Maintain a journal: journals are a great way to track your weight loss. In fact, one feels more committed to the goal once they write it down. It is especially helpful when you hit a plateau like situation. It will help to go back and check where you went wrong.

9. Rework your kitchen cabinets and food storage: Throw away any foods that will leave your HCG diet astray. Better still, you can donate and start your regimen on a good note.

10. Shop for all the essentials beforehand: Stock up on lean meats, veggies, fruits and other items that will constitute your HCG diet for the next coming days.

11. Find some recipes: why eat boring when you can have fun with your diet? Your list of permissible food items has some interesting foods on it. Look up some recipes and make your diet more enjoyable.

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