1000 Calorie HCG Diet Plan

The HCG Diet Plan comes in several different versions since it first began. The first version was developed by Dr. Simeons during the 50s. It was called the HCG Weight Loss Protocol. It included injections with a very low 500 calorie intake. Overtime the HCG Diet was adjusted to make the 800 calorie HCG Diet. This changed the HCG Diet to a low calorie intake diet from a very low calorie intake diet.

A breakfast and more greens were introduced.

Also, HCG drops were developed to help those not wanting to using injections. This made the HCG diet more convenient and friendly to dieters. They could take it anywhere on a schedule that fit their lifestyle. Dieters were no longer forced to endure painful injections that required extreme privacy at home, or imprisoned a dieter to center schedules for injections.

Now there is a 1000 calorie HCG Diet Plan. This diet is approved by the USDA. They recommend specific proportions and foods for the 1000 calorie diet, so that it allows proper nutrition while also contributing to weight loss. This plan includes breakfast and 50 calorie snacks of the dieter’s choosing. This is a big change from the original 500 HCG diet. During the original HCG diet, the dieter was detoxing their body during phase 2. This very low calorie intake of healthy foods helped the body realize when it was full. Dieters became used to making healthy food choices.

The 1000 calorie diet is another option for the dieters. Because people are diverse, they are always looking for something new. However, Dr. Simeons’ original HCG Weight Loss Diet plan is proven. He dedicated a lifetime to perfecting the diet craft. Dieters in the end will choose from themselves, but sometimes more is less. Information regarding the Dr. Simeons and the original HCG Weight Loss Protocol can be found here.

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